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Object Collages

The 3 object collages in a wooden frame contain objects that I have collected over the years: Shells, snails, jewellery, coins, stamps, charcoal, leaves and ferns from my garden.

The dried leaves will lose their color over time, the process of fading and the beauty of fading is theme of this work. Withering leaves and ferns are poetic and baroque.

The objects are combined with motifs from art history, photographs of sculptures and tombstones. All taken from my books and collections.

Paper Collages

The elements of the collages come from years of collected books and prints of plant representations in photography and painting. The elements are cut out and reassembled and glued in a lengthy process. Among the cut-out papers are dried real flowers, drawings by the artist, old stamps, scraps, wax seals.


This work can be seen as a counter-pool to the activity as graphic designer. In graphic design, everything is digital and disappears when you quit the computer program. The design is subject to constant correction and must be editable at all times. The collages, on the other hand, are painstakingly handmade. They arise without planning and are irreversible. Once glued, the motifs are no longer changeable. The very clean cut and the artistic composition to a new arrangement, is very time consuming. 

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