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About. Artist and Graphic Designer.


I was born 1973 in Cologne, Gemany. I have had a successful career as a graphic designer, having won several international awards. I completed my studies of visual communication in 1999 with a diploma. Since then, I have been working in well-known agencies as an Art Director and Senior Designer. At the same time as the graphic design, I have been artistically active for 20 years, without, however, having gone much public. Since 2016 I am on the market as a freelance designer and artist.



My artistic exploration has to do with the content of the womanhood. These included initial body self-portraits, which were interesting due to the unusual perspective. It was followed by a series of nudes and sculptures of women's bodies. Impressed me in this time Cindy Sherman's self-portraits and the question of self-image and external image. The transition to abstract painting was not a creeping process, but rather a spontaneous act of pure stress management. So my painting became a direct expression of my self-image. And more, my mental state.


Later my interest returned to figurative painting. I have attended courses "Old Master Oil Painting" to learn the techniques. Now I paint abstract and figurative. Sometimes the techniques meet in the pictures. The abstract facets overlay the figurative and there is an involuntary discomfort. Similar effects can be found on my sculptures, which is depictive disturbed by abstract surfaces.


The intensity of my colors creates a close-packed atmosphere. I like to work with Pink. Hardly any other color has such a firm place in our rating system as Pink. (As a color for little girls, Barbies, hookers, etc. - definitely not serious). The color pink, however, is a bright pleasure, bright and full of confidence. A beautiful picture of women.


I deal with oil painting, sculpture and the in between. Material and haptics play a role as well as color and contrasts. I also create Paper collages.

Almost all works are untitled.


Study of visual communication/ graphic design

Diplom Graphic Designer

Art Exhibitions

2022 Altes Wolllager Engelskirchen (3 group exhibitions)

2021 Altes Wolllager Engelskirchen (solo exhibition)

2019 Discovery Art Fair Cologne

2018 IHK Staircase Cologne (solo exhibition)

2018 Flora Cologne (solo exhibition)

2016 New Apostolic Church Cologne Mitte

2016 Museum of Related Arts Cologne (solo exhibition)

2004 Salon Rouge Cologne

1996 Viva Cologne

1990 Simultanhalle Cologne

Design Awards

2019 German Design Award

2018 ADC Designation Communication in room

2018 IF Design Award 2018 Exhibitor Magazine Award, Best Pavilion 2017

2017 Bureau International of Exposition Gold

2010 New York Festivals Awards SILVER WORLD MEDAL

2010 Golden Drum Grand Prix

2016 Moving Ideas Wundermann 

2007 Cannes Lions Shortlist

2005 finalist Best of Business to Business Award Silver 

2003 and 2004 Mailing-Award Deutsche Post

2003 London International Advertising Awards Finalist

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