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About. Artist and Graphic Designer.


Wibke Brode is an artist who was born in Cologne in 1973 and studied Visual Communication in Düsseldorf. She completed her studies with a diploma in 1999 under Professor Dr. Hardenberg and initially worked as an in-house graphic designer for well-known agencies before later transitioning to freelance work.


As a creative director, she designs immersive, image-intensive spaces for exhibitions and trade fairs and has won several international awards for her work. In addition to her work as a freelance graphic designer, she has been working as a freelance artist for 20 years, but only began to present her works to the public relatively late.


Her abstract painting is in contrast to her graphic work, which is oriented towards a communicative goal. While her design work conveys messages, changes attitudes, and creates experiences, her approach to painting is different. Wibke Brode's abstract painting is an immediate expression of her self-understanding and inner emotional world. Her works are created unplanned and are experimental in terms of color and materials, such as oil paints, lacquers, marble dust, organic shellac, wax, rust, fibers, etc. The process is subtle and sometimes intense, with the strength of colors and textures creating a dense atmosphere. All of Wibke Brode's works are untitled because titles can limit the work. The richness of interpretation lies in the eye of the beholder. Her works include abstract painting, figurative oil painting, collages, and object art.



Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-06 um 13.30.06.png



Study of visual communication/ graphic design

Diplom Graphic Designer


2023 Rathaus Engelskirchen (Solo exhibition)

2023 Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg (group exhibition)

2023 Villa Braunswerth (2+5 Series)

2022 Altes Baumwolllager Engelskirchen (3 x group exhibitions)

2021 Altes Baumwolllager Engelskirchen (solo exhibition)

2019 Discovery Art Fair Cologne

2018 IHK Staircase Cologne (solo exhibition)

2018 Flora Cologne (solo exhibition)

2016 New Apostolic Church Cologne Mitte

2016 Museum of Related Arts Cologne (solo exhibition)

2004 Salon Rouge Cologne

1996 Viva Cologne

1990 Simultanhalle Cologne

2019 German Design Award

2018 ADC Designation Communication in room

2018 IF Design Award 2018 Exhibitor Magazine Award, Best Pavilion 

2017 Bureau International of Exposition Gold

2010 New York Festivals Awards SILVER WORLD MEDAL

2010 Golden Drum Grand Prix

2016 Moving Ideas Wundermann 

2007 Cannes Lions Shortlist

2005 finalist Best of Business to Business Award Silver 

2003 and 2004 Mailing-Award Deutsche Post

2003 London International Advertising Awards Finalist

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